Character Turnaround

Character Reference

Once you have your character designed, create a character turnaround sheet to use as a reference. Knowing what your character looks like form different angles will help keep them consistent looking throughout your project (book, comic, short story, etc).

The Views

Draw your front facing character first. Then use a ruler to sketch guidelines for head, torso, and leg sizes. Once you have the lines drawn, sketch your character in three-quarter, side, and back views.


A character turnaround sheet is a fun way to make decisions about some of the basics about your character. Using the simple poses, you can start to make color, clothing, and accessory choices. These all add to your character’s unique style and help you bring them to life.


Whether or not you decide to anthropomorphize your animal character, create turnaround sheets for them if they have a recurring role in the story. This little duck needs something extra. The story provides clues about their accessories and their unique physical characteristics.

© 2021 Helen Deasy
© 2021 Helen Deasy
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