Cheatsheet for My Go-To Procreate Brushes

Procreate brushes and sets

The Procreate app comes with lots of fantastic brushes. There are also many Procreate app brushes and brush sets available for purchase on sites like Creative Market, Envato, and GumRoad. When you’re just starting out, it’s hard to know what you’ll need/want/use. I have purchased MANY brush sets. Some I’ve tried and abandoned. Others have become part of my daily workflow. Testing brushes out is really helpful. I’ve compiled my favorites into a couple of folders in the Procreate app itself. Having my most used brushes in one place is a big time saver. Unlike Photoshop, Procreate doesn’t keep track of your recent brushes, so it can be super frustrating trying to remember which brushes you’ve used while working on a project.

Procreate brush cheatsheet

After a lot of trial and error and inconsistency, I decided to do a one page comparison of my go to Procreate brushes and sets so I’d have a cheatsheet to use as a reference. I needed to design some pigs for a picture book class assignment, so this expressions sheet served for both projects. I could have drawn a lot of circles or squares to fill as reference but wanted to see the brush lines and textures used on something I tend to draw a lot of, cute characters. I’ve labeled the brushes with their name and the creator name.

Links to Procreate brush marketplaces and the brush sets that include my favorites:

I am not getting any affiliate income from these links. I’m recommending them based solely on my own personal experience. Some sets are free or ask you to name your own price. I’d recommend you try out the brushes that come with Procreate first, then look for sets that compliment your style. For example if you love the Procreate pencil brushes, then you might purchase a set for pencil textures.

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